The return to Lover’s Gorge, Maolin, Taiwan

I first went to Lover’s Gorge in December. Here is that blog and my unfinished entry from my waterfall guide. Lover’s Gorge Blog and Lover’s Gorge Guide

I went to Lover’s Gorge in December and it is one of my favorite waterfalls so I returned last weekend when I was in Maolin to look for the 3 tiers that I did not find last time. However I was a little disappointed when I arrived. It’s the dry season and the 1st tier at the parking lot was just a trickle. Luckily the more impressive 2nd tier was still flowing although it wasn’t as impressive as before. It will not be difficult to make another trip this summer during typhoon season. I did find the trail to the 3rd tier next to the pavilion but I couldn’t find the trails to the 4th and 5th tiers if they exist. The trail was very steep with loose rock but not that difficult to follow. There was some evidence of barking deer hunters (salt lick and droppings). Taiwan’s barking deer is a small deer that barks like a dog. There is a healthy population but it’s rare enough that I have not seen one yet.

Lover's Gorge 2nd tier, Maolin, Taiwan
The 2nd tier with a fisherman on his way home.

Lover's Gorge 3rd tier, Maolin, Taiwan
The 3rd tier

Lover's Gorge 3rd tier, Maolin, Taiwan
A small pool perfect for swimming below the 3rd tier.

Lover's Gorge, Maolin, Taiwan
The good part of the trail between the 2nd and 3rd tier

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