Nanao River Tracing with Taiwan Adventures

On Sunday I went to Nanao with the Phil, Stu, Ross and Neil from the Taiwan Adventures guide group. They are a group of foreigners that have slowly built a weekend guiding company with trips offered all over Taiwan. Someday I hope to do their Snow Mountain and/or Dabajianshan trips but it’s really hard for me since I live in Kaohsiung.

River tracing is not very complicated. It’s just like hiking except you follow a river upstream since there aren’t any trails to follow. We rented some specialized gear to make it easier and safer. Everyone wore some cool felt bottomed neoprene booties. Ok, they didn’t look very cool but they provided amazing traction on wet rocks. We also wore helmets and life jackets.

Directions to Jinyue Waterfall and Nanao River Tracing

Overall there were 24 in our group with 3.5 guides. Neil insisted that he wasn’t a guide on this trip but he did help with the fun parts. Neil was also the official photographer with his Nikon DSLR and I brought along my old Pentax (K200D) camera. I felt confident that my camera would be safe but I didn’t want to risk my new K-5. Both of my cameras are weather resistant and the K200D did excellent on the river trace. My lens hood did fall off and get swallowed up by the river though. And at the end when we had to swim my lens fogged up internally but it only took one day in my humidity cabinet to dry it out. Here are the photos of the trip and the Flickr gallery with a few more.

I have no idea why Phil is asking permission to talk. He’s the leader today.

Our group making our way upstream.

Neil is trying to impress the ladies.

While Neil was showing off, Phil was helping.

The next obstacle

Another little obstacle

Another obstacle with our fearless leader forging the path.

Jinyue Waterfall at the end. Here is my waterfall guide that I’ve been working on.

I think she’s pushing her.

Oh… She’s helping…

What’s next?


I also went down the waterslide.

Leila cliff jumping. After this my camera lens fogged up but it was a fun trip and much different than the normal hiking that I’m used to.

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      1. Oh excellent! Sounds really awesome! The photos look great too ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure how this area would look after the typhoon though ๐Ÿ™

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