Shifen Falls – the little Niagara

According to some guidebooks there used to be signs calling Shifen Falls the Little Niagara due to its shape.  One guidebook even claimed that a sign included a typo calling it the Little Nicaragua.  These typos are not uncommon in Chinese speaking countries but I have never seen either of these signs.  I first visited Shifen Falls exactly one year ago.  Last year was significantly different since a typhoon had hit Taiwan about a week earlier and Shifen Falls was overflowing as you will see from the photos below.  Frequently I am disappointed by waterfalls that are barely a trickle when I visit them but after that visit I learned that it’s possible for there to be too much water.  Last year there was way too much water.

Shifen Falls is located a 15 minute walk from the Shifen Train Station on the historic Pingxi line.  It’s also located at the end of the Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail making it possible to visit 4 impressive waterfalls in an afternoon.  There are also several more impressive waterfalls in the Pingxi area that I haven’t visited yet.  Here is the link to my waterfall guide for Shifen Falls.

Shifen Falls

You will have to put up with a few people on the weekend due to its popularity.

Shifen Falls last year

Every winter in nearby Pingxi 1000’s of lanterns are released during lantern festival.  It appears that some entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this tradition and making it a year round event.




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