Shuiliandong (Water Curtain Cave) Waterfall

Shuiliandong is one of the most pleasant hikes that I’ve done in a long time.  It’s in a hard to get to part of Nantou county that isn’t actually that hard to get to.  It’s about 6 kms off of the popular Hwy 21 near Xinyi.  Yes, those 6 kms are on a narrow, twisty mountain road but the road is part of the adventure.  Once you have reached the trailhead you will find a flat easy to hike trail with a waterfall, some butterflies and a bridge with a view of a narrow gorge and another waterfall.  At this point you still haven’t reached the end where the final and most impressive waterfall is.  The best part is that you will be almost alone on this trail unlike many of the waterfalls that I’ve visited.  Directions to Shuiliandong can be found on my waterfall website.

This is a small trailside waterfall that might be the destination on other trails.

It’s not a very long bridge but it’s a long way down.

Further upstream of this gorge is the tallest waterfall in the gorge but we have had very little rain for the last two months and it was dry.

I shared the trail with 4 Taiwanese seniors.  We frequently passed each as I walked a little faster but would stop and take a lot of photos.

The main waterfall in the valley.  I’m not sure where the water curtain cave is but it could be at the bottom of the gorge that can only be reached by a long river trace.

Near Aiguo there is a bridge leading to a farm that switchbacked up the hill to nowhere.  There were a lot of great bugs to take photos of.

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