Tianti Sky Ladder, Nantou county, Taiwan

I rarely know what I will find when I start driving.  I usually use maps with waterfalls marked (100’s of them) or Taiwanese guidebooks and follow GPS coordinates to interesting pictures.  Sometimes I find off the beaten path areas like Muguakeng and sometimes I end up at popular tourist destinations.  It didn’t take long for me to figure that there was going to be an impressive bridge since all of the road signs led to the Sky Ladder.  I knew that Tian meant Sky/Heaven and when combined with Ti it means Sky Ladder or perhaps Stairway to Heaven.  I also thought there was a waterfall there but it ended up taking 3 attempts to hike to the waterfall.  The first attempt was a couple of weeks ago when I visited nearby Xiaobantian but I arrived at 5pm and it was a long hike to the waterfall.  The second attempt was on New Year’s Eve but they are serious about getting people out of the park before dark and I was forced to turn around 15 minutes from the waterfall.  I spent the night camped in a nearby parking lot listening to New Year’s fireworks booming like thunder in the distance and I was able to finally hike to the waterfall the following morning.  This was one of the best hikes that I’ve done in awhile and it was nice to have extra time to see everything.  Overall it is about a 3 hour hike to see everything.

Overall there is about 2 kms of trail but it is all vertical.

This trail will be packed with hikers in an hour but I was one of the first on the trails this morning.

It’s not as big as the Aowanda bridge but it’s still very impressive.

Qinglong Waterfall is located just a couple of kms from Sanlinshi’s Chinglong waterfall.  One confusing aspect of English signs in Taiwan is that there are several different methods of romanization and these both mean the same thing in Chinese (Turquoise Dragon).

A second tier of Chinglong Waterfall just out of sight spectacularly falls into Taiji Canyon.

Dense fog the evening before at the top of the Canyon where I camped.

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  1. What about the grand rock with human face? Maybe it sounds more interesting than it is, but it’s a good name. Your fog photo is my new desktop wallpaper.

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