The deepest reaches of Hsinchu county

10 hikers from the Taipei Hikers facebook group explored the deepest reaches Hsinchu county.  Hsinchu is better known for its science park but the mountains hold many secret places.  By the end of the weekend we had visited 3 amazing waterfalls and 2 of the best wild hot springs in Taiwan.  We also stayed at a forgettable hotel with an amazing morning view.

We started at one of the best waterfalls that is known but requires a little effort to reach.  It ends up being a short hike and the directions are on my waterfall website.

Above Maliguang Waterfall there’s an unknown trail that takes you to the top of another waterfall.

Taiyao Waterfall plummets over the edge unfortunately out of sight.  There are rumors that the bottom is accessible but from where remains a mystery.

Hiskia encounters one of the many obstacles on the trail.

The photo doesn’t really do the danger justice.  The trail is washed out and it’s a LONG way down.  I’m just taking photos instead of actually helping.  Richard’s fine…

Yuling waterfall required getting wet.  This would have been better during the summer but we were quite lucky that the water was only mid thigh deep.

Dan enjoyed  the cold water the most in our group.  This would be an awesome place in the sweltering summer heat.  Directions to Yuling Waterfall.

Located just upstream was Water Curtain Cave.  It’s a brilliantly constructed dam that provides a constant water supply to a swimming hole.  We weren’t sure why the dam was ever built but we loved it.

It’s spring here and the wildflowers are blooming.

There were dozens of these rare flowers on one of our hikes.

Our crew outside our forgettable hotel with an unforgettable view.

Our weekend was filled with obstacles.  This particular ladder had several rungs replaced with tree branches.

Cheryl is just showing off.  One unnamed person crawled across.  It took me about 100 baby steps to cross it.  Xinxing hot spring is in the background and well worth the hike down (300m elevation drop).

Sileng hot spring is in a stunning location that luckily requires significant effort to reach.  Otherwise it would be overrun every weekend.

Sileng hot spring cascades down the stained rock filling small rock pools.  Directions are here.

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  1. Oh wow. the Yuling + the curtain cave falls look brilliant.. I’m really scratching my head as to where I went wrong! :S Took a LOT of effort to scramble down to get to the river in the first place 😛 my body is not happy with me.. haha

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