12 comments on “Even deeper reaches in Hsinchu – Jianxibao ( 鎮西堡)

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  2. Hi, May I know the estimated time used to hike trail A and B respectively?

    Is the guesthouse you have stayed near the trail head?


    • If there is a guide to hire then it might be better to hire them. The trail is barely visible in places and the markers are very small and in Chinese. At one point half of our group (including me) started following something that wasn’t a trail.

      Trail B is wide, well made trail that is easy to follow. Trail A is pretty easy to follow until you start up to Dulongtan.

      • Hi..Hi,

        I am back from Jianxibao! Incredible and fantastic place. Worth to stay overnight and explore the trails (A & B). There are clear markers now at the junction between turning left to do a loop seeing more huge trees vs. going straight heading to Dulongtan.

        After that more markers tied on the trees by local hikers to lead the way to Dulongtan. Only one or two you got to watch out their whereabouts because it was on the body of the trees rather than branches.

        Took us 3 hours to reach Dulongtan and due to the heavy mist on that day, we only see partial of the lake ;o(. Nevertheless it is still an enjoyable hike, first time I hike in a heavy covered mist forest.

  3. Glad to hear that the trail is marked better. This was a pretty awesome hike. Sometime I will have to put together a list of top 10 (or 15 or 20) day hikes and it is hard to imagine the list w/o Jianxibao on it.

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