Linmei Shipan and Yuemeikang Waterfall, Taiwan

Jiaoshi is best known for its hot springs but just outside of town there are several waterfalls and some great hiking.  Three waterfalls just happen to be close enough to each that they can be hiked in one day.  Due to poor planning it took me three days to visit the three waterfalls and the first day was three years ago.  Each morning I thought I could quickly do a morning hike in Yilan before going to the Wufengqi area.  And each morning my short hike turned into a half day adventure.  In the end however I was able to hike to each of the waterfalls if you generously count my first trip 3 years ago.  With better planning (no ‘short’ morning excursions) you can start at either Linmei Shipan or Wufengqi trailhead and do all 3 in one day.  Yuemeikang is in between the two hikes and will take the longest.

Directions to Linmei Shipan

Directions to Yuemeikang Waterfall

Directions to Wufengqi Waterfall

There is creek access to some outstanding river tracing downstream of Yuemeikang Waterfall.  You won’t be able go all the way to Yuemeikang due to a small waterfall in the stream.  Actually I have heard of people climbing up the waterfall or going around on a makeshift trail but it’s quite dangerous and it’s best to go back and take the trail to Yuemeikang Waterfall.

The river trace to Yuemeikang is quite short and really only involves a couple of creek crossings.  There is enough water to justify bringing river tracing shoes but it really isn’t a river trace.  This photo is just downstream of Yuemeikang Waterfall but there is a trail on the left bank to bypass this section.

Yuemeikang Waterfall has become very popular in the expat community due to being featured in one of his Taipei Escapes guidebooks.  The nearby Linmei Shipan and Wufengqi Waterfalls are incredibly crowded and busy every weekend but there were almost no other hikers on this trail despite it being one of the last nice weekends in northeast Taiwan.  Recent heavy rains created a cloud of mist at the bottom of the waterfall that was nearly inescapable.  Perhaps you think that I strategically chose this location after considering every possible angle to take a photo from but the reality was that this was the only place that I could take a photo.

Linmei Shipan was a short trail along an amazing creek that will have photographers getting their tripod out every 10 meters.

This is a shot from the bridge shown in the above photo.

Linmei Shipan Waterfall is right at the top of the stairs in the previous picture.

It’s also possible to take pictures of other things on the trail.

At the top of the waterfall you can take a picture upstream of creek.  Overall the trail is really easy to hike but it will be crowded since it is so close to Yilan and is an easy daytrip from Taipei.

Wufengqi Waterfall is one of my favorites to photograph in Taiwan.  This photo is unfortunately from 3 years ago.

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  1. OH dear, this is very very tempting to do tomorrow morning, but due to my err.. overactiveness from today, part of that being a very yucky open foot wound thing…. I’m thinking I’ll have to just stick with wufengqi…. next time though … I definitely want to do yuemeikang and that linmei shipan hike! Just looks amazing! 🙂

    1. It would be pretty easy to hike both Linmei and Wufengci if you drove to each trailhead. Taking the connecting trail adds a fair amount of time and makes for a full day.

  2. Ooh. Since I can’t go to Taroko yet due to the typhoon damage.. thinking of taking the train up to do this 🙂 At least I”ve already done wufengqi 🙂 🙂 🙂

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