The hiking year of 2014 in review

2014 was a busy year as I started my 2nd year managing a buxiban but I found time to take several amazing trips inside Taiwan.  I also took my first trip home in four years.  It was way too long and hopefully won’t be that long again.  The waterfall project continued and has reached 75 waterfalls and should eclipse 100 by the end of 2015.  I was lucky enough to tag along on several Taipei Hiker group hikes to some great places in some remote places within Taiwan.  Here are a few of the hikes and photos that I took in the last year.

The Dragon Sunset at the often visited Secret Beach.

I found a new place (Guifu Canyon) in one of my favorite old places (Maolin) with the Taipei Hikers group in February.

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Directions to Guifu Canyon

Later in February we stumbled upon this festival while searching for waterfalls.

In March the Taipei Hikers group led the way to 3 outstanding waterfalls and 2 hot spring waterfalls in Hsinchu County.  Pictured is Maliguang Waterfall that is hidden in one of Hsinchu’s deepest parts.

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Directions to Maliguang Waterfall

In April we went to one of the most remote places in Taiwan.  We visited the giant trees at Jianxibao near Smangus.

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Directions to Jianxibao

My grandpa’s farm was one of the things I visited on my trip home.  We hiked in a nice state park, went to 2 baseball games and visited with many family members during the week.  Time went by quickly and I was back in Taiwan.

I didn’t do a lot of hiking during the summer but I saw many wonderful sunsets and sunrises from my apartment.

After a busy summer I hit the trails again in the fall finding a nice trail (Zhenlishan) in Majia on a rainy day.

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One of my favorite trips this year was to Tsengwen Reservoir with the other Kaohsiung waterfall enthusiast.  There are at least 20 waterfalls near Tsengwen Reservoir but most of them are rarely visited.  They are a little trickier to find but you will probably be all by yourself when you find them.  We found 5 great waterfalls and plan to return next year to find 5 more.

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Directions to Chinglong Waterfall (pictured)

We took an outstanding dayhike later in October to Yuanyang Waterfall and saw a few Formosan Serow on the cliff side for a brief moment.

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Directions to Yuanyang Waterfall

I made a four day weekend in November and enjoyed the last warm (and dry) weekend in northern Taiwan while visiting Yilan.  I had more ambitious plans but I ended up visiting 5 waterfalls and hiking 2 other trails.  Pictured is the famous Yuemeikang Waterfall that has stayed somewhat unknown despite it being featured in several hiking blogs.

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Directions to Yuemeikang Waterfall

My other favorite waterfall hike from the weekend.

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Directions to Yulan Waterfall

A couple of months ago I spent some time to build a waterfall map for my waterfall guide.  I have started to add some of the hiking trails and campsites that I have visited to the waterfall guide.  This year I plan to take the project international with a couple of trips planned in Asia.  It will be a slow process since I will only visit 2-3 countries and maybe 10-15 waterfalls per year but there are some incredible places outside of Taiwan.  My first trip will be to Malaysian Borneo in February and possibly a trip to Palawan in March.

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    1. It’s near Jhongshan University in Kaohsiung. Take the road on the backside of Monkey Mountain and park in the scooter lot across from an underground parking garage. The trail is about 20 meters north of there next to the road (not marked) but easy to hike.

      1. They closed off the access with car parking but you should be able to park somewhere close (<0.5km) and walk up to the hill. If you want I can show it to you sometime. I haven't been out there in ages and it would be good to make sure that they haven't further closed it off.

  1. This is a great post – and now I want to visit Taiwan even more! It’s so close to Japan that I could probably just pop over for a few days! What time of the year is best, do you think?

    1. Thanks. The best times for the whole island are March/April and October/November. The summer is too hot everywhere but the winter is nice if you stay in the southern half of the island.

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