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    • It’s near Jhongshan University in Kaohsiung. Take the road on the backside of Monkey Mountain and park in the scooter lot across from an underground parking garage. The trail is about 20 meters north of there next to the road (not marked) but easy to hike.

      • I live in Kaohsiung and I’ve yet to visit this place… is there car parking around there too? 🙂

      • They closed off the access with car parking but you should be able to park somewhere close (<0.5km) and walk up to the hill. If you want I can show it to you sometime. I haven't been out there in ages and it would be good to make sure that they haven't further closed it off.

  1. This is a great post – and now I want to visit Taiwan even more! It’s so close to Japan that I could probably just pop over for a few days! What time of the year is best, do you think?

    • Thanks. The best times for the whole island are March/April and October/November. The summer is too hot everywhere but the winter is nice if you stay in the southern half of the island.

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