Qiweishan, Qishan, Taiwan

I have ridden through Qishan dozens of times heading out to the bigger mountains without really thinking of stopping.  There was a really cool ridgeline running from Qishan to Meinong though.  At first I didn’t think there would be a hiking trail up there but I would learn later that there was a trail up there.  I found a well done blog (linked) describing the trail and knew that it would make a nice (and short) day hike.  Now I just need to return on clear day to take advantage of the best part of the hike.  From the shrine at the peak there is a 360 degree view of the area.  There’s also an even better extension to the hike follows the ridge to the east.  Qiweishan was a nice hike but hiking the ridge could be an outstanding hike near Kaohsiung.

After the peak the trail becomes a rock scramble with roped sections continuing down the ridge towards Meinong.

Directions to Qiweishan are linked

It’s usually difficult photograph steepness but I think this accurately shows just how steep it was.  Near the end of the hike the trail rises 100 meters of elevation in about 150 meters of trail.  It will only take 30 minutes to hike up the shrine but it’s not exactly an easy hike.

There’s a mini Chiang Kai Shek memorial at the peak to rest at.  Note – this particular shrine has nothing to do with Chiang Kai Shek but it looks similar to the memorial hall in Taipei.

There are probably dozens of temples at the base of this ridgeline.  This was my favorite located less than a kilometer north of the Qiweishan trailhead.  You can’t quite see the shrine on the peak in the downsized photo but it’s easy to see in the full sized photo.

An interesting hotel located just south of the trail on the Gaoping River.  Some may not really like it but after years of only seeing boring neutral colored tile buildings I want to see more of this.

Just past the hotel is the Qishan Sugar Factory.

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