Photo of the week #51 – Laomei Reef

Directions to Laomei Reef

Laomei Reef is a bizarre rock formation in northern Taiwan.  It is a long (maybe 1/2 km) piece of volcanic rock located within the daily tidal range.  As a result channels have been cut into the rock over the last thousands of years.  However its signature is the brilliant green algae that grows on the rock every winter.  By April almost the entire rock is covered but the algae only grows until May when the summer heat returns the rock to its natural charcoal grey color for another year.  It’s fairly easy to get for those living in Taipei but not only do you have to go in April or May but you also need to check the tidal tables since it is submerged for part of the day.  A link to Taiwan’s tidal tables can be found in my guide to Laomei Reef. 

Sadly it isn’t exactly a tranquil spot on weekends since it has become quite famous.  Luckily it is a short day trip from Taipei and English teachers (evening hours) can easily make the trip in the morning and be back in time for their evening classes.

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