Great blogs and places to dream about – Asia edition

Not everybody is able to travel all of the time.  It may seem like I travel all of the time but I am lucky to take 1-2 weekend trips per month and 1-2 weeklong trips/year.  That’s great but I daydream about going everywhere.  The best way to daydream is to read blogs and I read a lot of blogs to see new places even if I’m not able to go there in the next couple of years.  But these blogs help me decide where I want to go next and most importantly they introduce me to off the beaten path places that don’t always show up in guidebook recommended lists.

My latest blog from Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan.  I have been very busy lately with trips to Dadi Gorge, discovering the Liuyi Trail and hiking on (but not to the top) Beidawushan.  All of these will be blogged in the next couple of weeks but first I am headed out onto another hike this weekend.  I have been busy lately but I think I will take a break in May.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs that I have been reading recently.  I’m hoping that this becomes a recurring blog topic every month or two but it is a fairly time consuming post (a lot of fun though).  The first theme is Asia (but not Taiwan – yet).  I have selected a pair of blogs from China and Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and South Korea.  Some of the bloggers are new to blogging while some have been doing it for a long time.  Some are living out of a backpack traveling the world while others take several big trips every year.  Some bloggers are very popular while others are relatively unknown.  All of the blogs are at wordpress because I use their reader for following and staying up on blogs.  I should read more blogs but there are 1000’s of great blogs at wordpress and I can’t read all that I want to there.

None of these photos are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

1. Lee has a lot of great stuff at his blog but I really loved this post on Sri Lankan stilt fisherman.  He is based in Singapore and he is taking advantage of one of the major airline hubs in East Asia.  It was very difficult to pick one post from him but this was really cool and not something that I expected.  It’s a good idea to check his website if you are going anywhere (especially Asia) for trip ideas.  Visit his blog at

View this blog at his site

2. Alison has been busy traveling to many places all over the world including many places that are on my short list.  Last spring she took a cruise from Lombok to Flores in Indonesia.  Lombok is an up and coming tourist destination next to Bali but they are just two of 17,000 islands in Indonesia.  She also stopped at Komodo island and saw the famous Komodo Dragons.  I won’t be doing the cruise in this blog post when I go to Bali in June but I will be using her blog for ideas when I travel there.  And this cruise is being put on my list of future things to do.  You can follow her blog at

View this post on her blog

3. This was one of my favorite Filipino blogs and then she blogged this.  She is ziplining above 7 waterfalls.  That is extraordinarily awesome.  I am not sure when I will have a chance to return to the Philippines but it’s pretty close to the top of my list since it’s so close to Taiwan and the tickets are cheap.  Actually tickets are cheap everywhere right now.  Very hard choices.  Follow her at or on facebook

View this post on her site

4. Pete is based in Hong Kong and he has been able to take many short trips all over Asia and especially China.  He is currently (April 2015) exploring the temples at Bagan in Myanmar but I loved this post about The Great Wall.  The Great Wall is very touristy in areas now but he shows that it is not difficult to find less visited but still stunningly beautiful sections of The Great Wall.  Follow Pete at

View this post on his site

5.  Sara has put together a great guide to many of South Korea’s best outdoor spots from her 2 month long trip last fall.  She has also spent a couple of years in Taiwan teaching English which is cool since that is where I currently live.  There are certainly a lot of places that she didn’t visit but this site should give tourist visiting South Korea a lot of great places to visit.  Access the full guide at

View this post on her site

6.  Nick and Jackie are blogging their 203 day round the world trip.  In January they began their trip in southeast Asia, spent 2 weeks in India and have just arrived in South Africa.  It’s hard to believe how much they have done in such a little amount of time.  I loved this post from a remote region in India.  The colors of the sandstone buildings are amazing and something so unique for myself after growing up in the US midwest and living in Taiwan for 5 years.  Follow Nick and Jackie at

View this post on their site

7.  Snigdha is an Indian blogger with a full time job that manages to get away for some great trips every year.  In October she went to one of my top destinations on my Asia wishlist.  Yunnan (and also Sichuan) province seems like such an incredible place that one week doesn’t seem long enough.  I don’t now when I am going to find 2-4 weeks free that coincides with the best travel season.  She spent time exploring the 3rd longest river in the world and saw the famous gorges.  Follow her blog at

View this post on her site

8. Mandy has lived in Japan for 6 years and does travel consulting to assist overseas travelers (  Not only that but her website provides an amazing wealth of information.  I do not like monkeys at all but these snow monkeys look pretty cool soaking in the hot springs.  There’s a chance I can take a weeklong trip to Japan this fall and I will be using this website a lot if that happens.  Follow her blog at

View this post on her site

9.  Bama is an Indonesian blogger that got the travel itch 5 years ago and set a goal to visit 30 countries by 2020.  He is well on his way there and he is an excellent photographer.  Kelimutu (pictured) is a pair of lakes barely separated but one is pitch black while the other is a lovely turquoise.  There is also a third colored lake nearby and all 3 of the lakes change colors but they never seem to be the same color.  This is also on the island of Flores, Indonesia which is where Alison (#2) took her cruise to.  Follow his blog at

View this post on his site

10.  Kollin recently finished teaching in Taiwan and is currently traveling around southeast Asia.  She has been traveling and living abroad for 4 years and scored big points with rappelling down a waterfall.  It was just one of her top ten things to do in Gopeng, Malaysia.  Follow the rest of her adventure on her blog at and see where she ends up next.

View this post on her site

What are some other great blogs in Asia?  What are some other great places in Asia (mostly East Asia)?  What theme should I pick next?  I have started collecting links for the following themes:  thru-hikers, Australia/NZ, bicycle bloggers and Taiwan.

More importantly what blogging techniques that you see in these excellent blogs and other blogs should I start using in my own blog.  In the last 6 months I have started blogging more and I have done some small improvements.  I am fairly happy with my individual blogs but the layout of the site still needs a lot of work.  Any suggestions?

If you are featured in this blog and wish to make any corrections or have any questions then please contact me at my FB group Taiwan’s Waterfalls

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  1. I am also honored to be on this list. It looks like I need to read some – or all – of these other blogs as well.

    As far as compiling East Asia travel blogs links … you should include Hiking in Japan:

    I found it very useful when I was travelling in Japan, especially since it’s usually the most up-to-date English language information source about hiking trails in Japan.

    I hope you will blog about the Dadi Gorge, Liuyi trail, and Beidawushan.

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