Liangshan Waterfall

My waterfall guide has reached a point where some of the information is dated enough that it isn’t completely accurate any longer.  You will still get to the waterfall but the trail or facilities might be completely changed.  This is especially true in southern Taiwan where many new trails have been rebuilt since Typhoon Morakot in 2009.  In addition to that I have become a much better note taker and have started including a lot more information (including some basic maps) in my guide.  Even if I had the time to update all of the pages I would be guessing on many of the updates.  I am hoping to revisit several waterfalls this summer.  The focus will be on collecting better information and getting better pictures of some of them.

Directions to Liangshan Waterfall

Aboriginal art is becoming increasingly popular throughout Taiwan.  I frequently see so many interesting reliefs, sculptures and paintings in the villages that I regret not spending an extra 10-15 minutes taking photos and exploring.  This is the visitor center at Liangshan Waterfall.

About a year ago they closed the trail for a long time and made extensive improvements.  Prior to this it was a nice singletrack dirt trail but now it is almost entirely wood platforms or concrete blocks with earth in between.  Yes, this is a nice trail but I like a natural dirt trail even if it gets muddy.  This is probably a better trail considering how many people hike it on a weekend.

One area where improvements weren’t made was the final 50 meters to the 3rd tier waterfall.  This is a bottleneck where there is no obvious solution.  Any new construction would be wiped out by the next big typhoon due to the geography.  When I arrived there were about 20 people in each direction trying to pass each other on the slippery rocks.  A minute prior to the umbrella group pushing their way through the crowd a boy slipped and fell into the creek taking his father with him.  Luckily they only suffered scrapes and bruises but it could have been much worse.

My main goal for the day was to get a better photo of 3rd tier waterfall.  It has been three years since I have been here and I never really liked the photo that I took.  It was a little strange and looked unnatural.  Liangshan blog from 3 years ago  Unfortunately by the time that I made it through the bottleneck it was raining and I couldn’t setup properly.  This is a nice photo considering that I was holding a hat over my camera.

The second tier is located just downstream of the larger 3rd tier and it is a popular swimming hole.  This is another bottleneck area since people need to lower themselves 3-4 meters down a rocky face using a rope.  It is kind of strange that the government spent all of the money building a really nice trail (perhaps overbuilt) but two areas where everyone goes are quite hazardous.  Overall though the main trail is extremely well built and safe.  Even if you don’t access the 2nd and 3rd tier waterfalls it is a really nice hike up a lush valley.

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  1. Nice! 🙂 Yep, when I went there was barely anyone around – weekdays 🙂 There were 3 other people coming back from the 3rd tier when I was going towards it. There were about maybe 10 people relaxing down at the 2nd tier. ONly about 2-3 coming back up when I was going down. Guess avoiding the weekend is a good idea!

  2. Hello there. I am thinking about bringing 50 students here on a Monday in June to complete some scientific investigations. Are the grounds big enough to handle this amount?

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