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  6. Hi Kirk, hope all is well. Hope to see you some time with Taipei Hikers….
    I may visit Bali next month and just checking some waterfalls. I would like to visit Aling Aling, Gitgit, Gitgit twin, Sekumpul and Lemukih in one full day, would this be possible? I checked your hiking time and distances and for me it looks ok but you spent many days up there. Is it possible? As to waterfall guide, what is the general price? After negotiation, how much did you pay? Hey Kirk, I will most likely contact you from time to time, do you think you can send me your personal e-mail in a separate e-mail (not via this site?). Cheers.

    • I think you could do 2 of those in one day but you would have to get an early start and possibly not Aling Aling and Sekumpul together if you were staying in Ubud. Traffic moves slowly and both are great places to relax for awhile even if you don’t swim.

      I think you should be able to negotiate down to about 30,000 IDR/hr for a guide (probably less). That seems fair to me although they are completely unnecessary for most hikes. I chose not to hire many guides because of the hassle.

      The best thing about travel in Bali is that you should be able to rent a car with a driver for about 500,000 to 600,000 IDR/day including gas.

  7. I would like to go to a waterfall to swim that does not require any long or uphill or down hill hiking stairs due to some disability. Straight or short simple walking is ok. Which ones would you recommend?

    • I think GitGit Waterfall and the entrance for Bertingkat would be the easiest and flattest. Bertingkat would be the nicest for swimming at since there will be fewer people.

      None of the waterfalls are set up well for slightly disabled though. A lot of slippery surfaces at most of them but I think Bertingkat should be fairly easy to walk to.

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