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If anyone follows my blog they will know that I have a thing for waterfalls.  Previously I chose regions for the recurring great bloggers and places topic (Asia Australia/NZ click for links) but this time I chose some of my favorite waterfalls that on my blogger follow list.  This shouldn’t be viewed as a top ten list or even the best waterfall in a particular country.  Instead I picked slightly lesser known but still amazing waterfalls.

I have followed most of these bloggers for awhile but a few of them I recently found because I wanted more blogs from a particular region.  I currently don’t follow hardly any blogs in Africa and South America.  If anyone knows any small time bloggers that I should follow please leave a comment.  I have also included a few waterfall guide writers (The Waterfall Record, World of Waterfalls and Snail-WORKS) that have awesome sites and are something that I aspire to with my own site (Taiwan’s Waterfalls).  These are definitely great resources to use while traveling.

The first waterfall will be one of my new favorite waterfalls.  This summer I took a great trip to Bali and was able to add nearly all of Bali’s waterfalls to my waterfalls guide.  I posted a summary of all of them on my blog (Bali’s Waterfalls) but Sekumpul Waterfall was the most impressive on the island.  It is becoming more well-known but I only saw 5-6 groups of tourists while I was there.

Sekumpul Waterfall

None of the photos below are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

1.  The Waterfall Record is one of the best single person guides that I have found on the internet.  He is from and currently lives in Michigan.  I spent 10 years of my life living in Michigan but rather embarrassingly I didn’t visit one waterfall while I was there.  The concentration of his waterfalls are in the US but he has taken many great trips all over the world including one of the places at the top of my travel list.

New Zealand has been one of the top places on my wish list for years and this was one of many awesome waterfalls that he visited.  Bridal Veil Falls on the North Island is only one of the impressive waterfalls in New Zealand.

Click to view his waterfall guide

2.  Iceland is another country that is at the top of my travel list.  I have been continuously stunned by the images and waterfalls from this country and so many bloggers that I follow have recently taken trips there.  I would love to go but I am limited to taking several one week trips each year and it is too far from Taiwan and there is too much to see just to take a one week trip.  Justin (Justin Goes Places) is an elementary math and science teacher in Texas and he has started taking full advantage of his winter and summer breaks to travel all over the world.  Iceland is overflowing with great waterfalls and Seljalandsfoss is just one of many great ones.

Click to view this blog at his site

3. Some of the waterfalls picked are next up on my personal travel list (Asian countries) while others are on a long term wish list.  Japan is one of the countries on top of my travel list with a well publicized top 100 list.  Kegon Falls is considered to be one of Japan’s three most beautiful waterfalls and it is relatively easy to get to from Tokyo.  Celia (Celia in Tokyo) is an Australian expat teaching English in Tokyo.  She blogs about an interesting mixture of city, food, culture and nature in Japan.

Click to view this blog at her site

4. Several years ago before moving to Taiwan I toured the American Southwest hiking and camping through all of the National Parks.  I had very little information at the time beyond a road atlas and only went to the most popular areas.   One afternoon I was driving across Utah and randomly picked a campsite from the road atlas.  It was a little early to camp that day but I didn’t really have a schedule.  At the campground I was surprised to find this hiking trail and this remains one of my favorite waterfalls.

I wish I would have been following a blog like Andrew’s ( on these trips because I would have found so many more cool places in the American Southwest.  He has done an outstanding job writing up detailed directions and trip reports for so many places in Utah and the surrounding states.  Recently he moved to the east coast and his blogs changed from hues of orange and red to lush green but they are still outstanding.

Click to view this blog on his site

5. This year for Chinese New Year I am planning to travel to Sumatra (90% sure).  This will be my second trip to Indonesia and one of the highlights of the trip will be visiting Sipisopiso Waterfall.  Happy (that is her name) is an Indonesian blogger from Jakarta that has been able to travel to many places in Indonesia and abroad.  Follow her blog at

Click to view this blog on her site

6. Jonny is a professional travel blogger ( from Northern Ireland that has been traveling the world for over a decade.  Recently he visited his 100th country and he isn’t slowing down.  Not only does he have all kinds of great travel content but he has some great articles on how to become a better blogger.

This is Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.  It is supposed to be the tallest single drop waterfall in the world at 226 meters.  There are several lookout points and Jonny also has photos of himself standing right at the edge next to the falls.  It is very impressive.

Click to view this blog on his site

7.  Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls is one of the iconic Pacific Crest Trail (2660 miles long) places.  I didn’t complete the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007 when I hiked it so I just missed this but PCT will always be a special place for me.  Sirena ( is an avid hiker and backpacker living in Tucson, Arizona.

Earlier this year she was a presenter at an International Trails Symposium in Portland for her work with Warrior Hike.  Warrior Hike is an program that gives assistance to veterans allowing them to thru hike as a means of therapy after their deployment.  After the symposium Sirena did a multi-day trip back to Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls and several other waterfalls.

Click to view this blog on her site

8.  World of Waterfalls is another great waterfall guide that has a really impressive list of waterfalls visited.  They are a married couple with a child that have visited hundreds (possibly >1000) of waterfalls all over the world including most of the famous ones.  As a matter of fact I think they have visited all but three of waterfalls listed in this blog (Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls (Oregon, USA), Sipisopiso Waterfall (Sumatra, Indonesia) and Gasadalur Waterfall (Faroe Islands)).  Their site is really impressive if you love waterfalls and you should check it out.

Click to view their waterfall guide

9.  The Faroe Islands are a small group of self-governed islands in between Norway, England and Iceland (population 50,000).  Due to the surrounding ocean the islands are never warm (average summer high = 13C (55F)) and never very cold (average winter low = 1C (34F)) despite being so far north (62 deg north).  But the islands are always wet.  This creates the dramatic landscape that is shown in the photo.

Amanda is a Swedish blogger who is taking dramatic photos all over Europe on small trips.  Follow her blog at

Click to view this blog on her site

10. Snail-WORKS is a great site focused on Malaysia’s waterfalls.  She has visited waterfalls all over Malaysia and a few neighboring countries (nearly 200 overall).  Recently she even traveled to Taiwan and used my site to visit a couple of waterfalls.  Hopefully I will be using her site sometime to visit some great waterfalls in Malaysia sometime.  This is Puteri Mandi Waterfall that requires an overnight camping trip (or a long dayhike).  Sounds perfect.

Click to view her waterfall guide

This is one really cool graphic that Snail-WORKS uses on the site.  This would be one big improvement that I could do on my site but it requires more time to put together the guide and I already don’t have enough for everything that I want to do.

  • A = the trekking difficulty.  This one is a pretty hard hike.
  • B = the trekking time.
  • C = the leech factor.  Ick.
  • D = vehicle accessibility.
  • E = WOW factor.

Does anyone know of any great waterfall or travel bloggers that I should check out?  Do you have any suggestions for improvements to my waterfall guide?


12 Replies to “Great Bloggers and Places – Waterfalls”

  1. This is a beautiful and inspiring collection of waterfalls around the world. Mother Nature at her best! Seljalandsfoss is just spectacular, especially considering the vast plains beyond it. I’d love to visit Iceland as well.

    Thanks for the feature! And I hope you get to see Kegon Falls for yourself one day.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much, Kirk. I will definitely check out all of these sites.. in particular Malaysia.. despite the 10+ times I’ve visited.. I’ve never actually seen/actively looked for waterfalls while there… how sad ; ah well. now I know! 🙂
    Kegon falls are amazing to see in real life… such a crazy volume of water!

  3. Visiting Iceland taught me that photographing waterfalls isn’t so easy. I have many average photos of breathtaking waterfalls, and an increased appreciation the photos you feature on your blog and guide. I also have some ND filters on my shopping list, so maybe when I follow your Bali guide I’ll have proper gear to experiment.

  4. Thank you for including my post on Iceland here, Kirk – it was a spectacular experience for sure, and I hope to make it back there again. Spent 10 days there, and for such a small country, there is so much that I didn’t even get to experience with that decent amount of time! Seljalandsfoss was a highlight for sure, as well as the Dynjandi waterfall in the Westfjords – not to be missed!

  5. What a great list of waterfalls! We are honored that you included our website. Your Bali photos are amazing. They’ve inspired me to put Bali on our bucket list.

    1. Bali was really nice because everything is close and the roads are in very good condition. You can stay in any price level accommodation all over the island and make day trips to all of these waterfalls. I am hoping to visit Lombok next year and do a similar trip while also hiking Rinjani and it should be even better.

  6. I am glad that everyone liked how their work was represented in the blog. It was some work for me but it is kind of easy when there is such good content to work with.

    Now it is time to work on the next one. My next theme will be finding blogs about waterfalls in Taiwan that I haven’t been to yet. I have a start but it might be hard to find that many active English language bloggers considering that I have been to a lot of waterfalls here.

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