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  1. Great photos. I’m disappointed that we didn’t see Dua Warna even though we passed so close to it, and Tinggi Raja, so we definitely have good reason to return to North Sumatra. As beautiful as Ponot is, I don’t think I would travel that far just to see that.
    We will try to go to Kelimutu soon hopefully, so I can report on what we see. One of my friends is convincing me to make Yogyakarta the destination for our possible January trip, so we’ll have to see how much time you have available to come to Indonesia then.

    • You could probably stay in Medan for both Dua Warna and Tinggi Raja (and Pelaruga). I was told that the road is damaged to Tinggi Raja and you have to transfer to a different vehicle (for a price) for the last 7 (?) kms.

      Ponot Waterfall is pretty easy if you are staying in Parapet and going to Samosir Island although that would require boats but it is only a 2-3 hour drive from there.

      I won’t know the extent of my participation for the January trip for awhile. I know I can take a week off for Cambodia but I might be able to take 2 weeks off.

  2. Since your previous post “My top 10 waterfalls of 2015” finally you made it..not only visiting Sipiso Piso waterfall but you also found other waterfalls too…Great experience… 🙂

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