8 comments on “Taiwan’s Secret Places – Shimenggu

  1. Wow, great post! Found you through hikebiketaipei.com
    May I know how you get such wonderful photos of the waterfalls on this page? I don’t blog but I love waterfalls too, and will be visiting Taiwan for the first time next week with a Nikon and Fuji XT in tow.

    • The secret to getting great photos is to take your time at a waterfall and look at the lines in a photo. In this photo I started out on the right hand side of the waterfall but the water flowed to the right the right and then to the left. It was kind of fighting against itself. By moving to the left side of the waterfall the water flows left to right across the photo. At least that is what I saw and liked.

      Let me know if you need any help with your planning. It rained a lot last week so some areas might be inaccessible but you should have good weather for your trip.

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