The 2017 Taiwan’s Waterfalls calendar is FOR SALE

After six years of waterfall adventures in Taiwan I have finally published a calendar just in time for Christmas. This calendar contains some of my favorite waterfalls from every part of Taiwan and your friends and family back home won’t be able to believe how beautiful it is here.

Print on Demand

I chose to use print on demand for this calendar. When you order a calendar they will print a calendar and mail it to you. Right now I don’t have the time or the energy to self publish locally, advertise and distribute 100’s of calendars throughout Taiwan (and the world). Print on demand allows me to design a calendar online that is individually printed and shipped from several different locations all over the world. By going this route I don’t have to worry about any unsold calendars that I would have to take a loss on. Most importantly they handle all of the money (credit card or paypal) and do all of the shipping allowing me to continue to explore new places in Taiwan this winter. I have been very busy lately and I have many plans to visit both new and old places.


The calendars are priced at 16 USD/each. This includes a cost of $9.99/each to print, $4.81 profit to me and $1.20 profit to The size of the calendar is 8.5″ x 11″.

Before ordering check out the homepage for any sales. There is usually a 10% or 20% off coupon code.

Shipping and Ordering

This is where things get a little complicated. It is very easy to ship the calendars into the US/CA, the UK, Australia/NZ and many of the other western countries. It is also possible to ship into Taiwan but you will need to call customer service to place your order if you are ordering more than one. I had a long exchange with the help desk and their shipping calculation is broken for Taiwan (or it is too complicated to automatically calculate shipping for all of the non-western countries). It automatically charges 9 USD/calendar when placing the order online but the actual charges will be much lower if you call and place your order.

Link to order on

How to buy the calendar

#1 – If you live outside of Taiwan or are sending it home as a gift then it is much, much easier to order it yourself and ship it directly home.

#2 – If you live in Kaohsiung, I have 40 calendars being shipped to me and I will set up a few times to distribute them in local parks (likely Aozidi Park) or pubs. If you want to personally pick one up from me then reserve one now. Those that aren’t reserved will be sold on a first come first serve basis (unless all are reserved). They cost 525 NT/each (or 500/each if buying 3+). Remember that if you are sending them home then it is easier and cheaper to order directly on the website and ship it directly home.

#3 – For those living elsewhere in Taiwan you will have to order yours separately. You might be able to do a group order together and split up the shipping costs but you will need to call to place your order for 3+ calendars. Be aware that it could take 3 weeks or longer to receive the calendar due to printing time, shipping time and customs.

#3* – I will be in Ximending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and can meet you. The calendars cost 525NT/each (or 500/each if buying 3+). Let me know and we can arrange something.

Future offerings

Next year I hope to design 2-3 calendars (Bali/Lombok or Asia’s Waterfalls) if this goes remotely well. Lulu also offers print on demand coffee table books and if I can get really focused I hope to put out a Taiwan’s Waterfall guide book with basic information for each waterfall. This will be a huge project so don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated on the calendar, the Taiwan’s Waterfalls website and anything else. 

Let me know what I should work on next year.


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  1. Hi
    I like your calendar. I live in Kaohsiung.
    I’m wondering how can I buy in local parks (likely Aozidi Park) or pubs.
    I want to personally pick up from you .
    Wait for your reply. Thanks. Heidi

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