Great Bloggers – My 2016 Waterfall to do list

It wasn’t easy finding 10 different (and active) bloggers that have been to waterfalls in Taiwan that I haven’t been to.  This isn’t my full to do list for this year but these are 10 more great ones that I hope to add to my waterfall guide.  Some of these will be more of a challenge than others because of where they are located but this year I will be putting on a lot of kilometers in cars, motorcycles (bicycle?), trains, buses and maybe even a plane ride (Hualien?).

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One thing that I discovered while researching this blog is just how many excellent bloggers are covering Taiwan.  I follow a lot of bloggers in Taiwan (and everywhere) but there are still so many that haven’t shown up on my radar.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of bloggers but I would love to know some of your favorites.  I would really love to know of bloggers that have been to waterfalls that I haven’t been to yet.  You can check my site for all of the waterfalls that I have been to and I will include a list of some additional notable ones at the bottom of this post.  I am certain that there are some great bloggers that have been to waterfalls that I haven’t been to.

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None of the photos below are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

  1. Asher and I have been exploring southern Taiwan together for the last 2 years.  He has a little bit of a different style than I do and the only thing that will keep him out of the water are the recent cold temps.  This spectacular photo captured him jumping off of Lingjiao Waterfall in Pingxi a few months ago.  He has finally started blogging and has an excellent waterfall guide for Taiwan.  You can check it out at

Click here for directions to Lingjiao Waterfall

2. Emily has since left Taiwan and she is now blogging her adventures in Mexico.  At the time I wasn’t aware of Fenghuang Waterfall in Chaiyi but it has been on my to do list for almost one year.  It has been nicknamed 1000 step waterfall due to the many stairs that need to be walked down.  You can follow her travels at

Click to view the blog post at her site

3. I loved my trip to Yilan last year (11/2014) and was able to add 5 great waterfalls to my site.  Houdongkeng Waterfall is another nice one that Thomas added to his blog.  Yilan is a bit tricky to travel to from Kaohsiung but it is pretty amazing and I should figure out how to make another trip up there.  You can follow his blog at

Click to view the full post at his site

4.  In all honesty very few serious hikers travel all the way to Wuling Farm just for Taoshan Waterfall.  There just happens to be a really nice waterfall on one of the best high mountain hikes in Taiwan.  The Wuling Sixiu is part of the Sheipa (Snow Mountain) National Park system and features 4 of Taiwan’s top 100 peaks.

Martin Rubli has an extensive list of highly detailed high mountain hikes on his site and is a great resource for those planning high mountain trips in Taiwan.  I have tentative plans to do this trip with Taiwan Adventures in April so hopefully I can check this waterfall (and the other 4 peaks) off of my list.  You can follow his site at

Click to view the full post on his site

5.  Dajianshan is a nice hike with several waterfalls east of Taipei.  In addition to posting about Hidden Places in Taiwan, Tom is an outstanding artist that draws aerial views of cities.  You can follow him on FB (here) or on his site –

Click to view the full post on his site

 6.  Fengmei Waterfall is at the very end of long road in Miaoli County.  I completely underestimated just how long it would take to get back there two years ago on a trip to Miaoli and Hsinchu.  I haven’t had a chance to return but will have to schedule another trip to Luzhang this summer.  A Conscious Venture went on a great river tracing trip back to the waterfall but there is also a 40 minute hiking trail back there.  You can follow her at

Click to view the full post on her site

7. Richard Saunders is in the midst of publishing his 7th book (2 out of print) on travel in Taiwan.  One of his hobbies is finding hidden places and especially waterfalls.  Golden Grotto (not exactly unknown) is one of the top river traces in Taiwan and has been on my to do list for a couple of years.  Travel logistics (Kaohsiung to Hualien) have prevented me from making the trip but this year I will have Fridays off and it will be a lot easier.

Richard has been nearly everywhere in Taiwan and his blogs, guidebooks and group trips have been immensely valuable for my own adventures.  His FB hiking group (Taipei Hikers) has grown to over 3000 members with 10-15 hiking trips being led each month by a variety of great hike leaders.  It is free to participate in any of the hikes (space is limited on weekend hikes) and you can follow his blog at

Click to view the full post on his site

8.  Yinhe Waterfall is a small waterfall that flows over a temple.  It is part of the Maokong region and can be accessed via the Maokong Gondola or by bus.  BikeHikeTaipei has been busy and has compiled an extensive list of hikes (and bikes) around the Taipei area.  You can follow his site at

Click to view the full post on his site

9. Golden Waterfall is a popular oddity near Jiufen.  It is debatable whether or not the water is toxic but the color is due to a naturally occurring mineral.  I still wouldn’t drink the water but I have to visit sometime to see the vivid colors.  Catherine splits her year between several places and her blog is full of interesting places all over the globe.  Follow her at

Click to view the full post at her site

10.  Josh Ellis is one of the top photographer/bloggers that I follow.  He covers a broad range of topics in Taiwan but his specialty is the cultural side of Taiwan imo.  He does pretty well at waterfalls also though and has been many places that I haven’t yet.  I recommend checking out his Best of 2015 blog post to see his full array of work.

Manyueyuan (Full Moon) Forest Recreation Area has always been on my to do list (like many other places) but I so rarely take trips to northern Taiwan and I haven’t been there yet.  There are several waterfalls (as many as 10) located in the park or just outside the park and many hiking trails.  You can follow him at

Click to view the full post at his site

Some other notable waterfalls that I haven’t been to yet

Sandie Waterfall, Taipingshan, Yilan County (possibly inaccessible permanently)

Guanwu Waterfall, Hsinchu (closed for seemingly 5 of the last 6 years)

Butterfly Valley Waterfall, Taichung

Aohua Waterfall, Yilan County

Guanyin Waterfall, Chaiyi County

Wanan Waterfall, Pingtung County

Xiaobantian Waterfall, Nantou County

White Veil Waterfall, Taoyuan County

Silong Waterfall, New Taipei City

Shuiliandong, Caoling, Yunlin County

Longfeng and Changqing Waterfall, Yunlin County

Shimongu and Lover’s Glen Waterfall, Chaiyi County


Great Bloggers and Places – Waterfalls

If anyone follows my blog they will know that I have a thing for waterfalls.  Previously I chose regions for the recurring great bloggers and places topic (Asia Australia/NZ click for links) but this time I chose some of my favorite waterfalls that on my blogger follow list.  This shouldn’t be viewed as a top ten list or even the best waterfall in a particular country.  Instead I picked slightly lesser known but still amazing waterfalls.

I have followed most of these bloggers for awhile but a few of them I recently found because I wanted more blogs from a particular region.  I currently don’t follow hardly any blogs in Africa and South America.  If anyone knows any small time bloggers that I should follow please leave a comment.  I have also included a few waterfall guide writers (The Waterfall Record, World of Waterfalls and Snail-WORKS) that have awesome sites and are something that I aspire to with my own site (Taiwan’s Waterfalls).  These are definitely great resources to use while traveling.

The first waterfall will be one of my new favorite waterfalls.  This summer I took a great trip to Bali and was able to add nearly all of Bali’s waterfalls to my waterfalls guide.  I posted a summary of all of them on my blog (Bali’s Waterfalls) but Sekumpul Waterfall was the most impressive on the island.  It is becoming more well-known but I only saw 5-6 groups of tourists while I was there.

Sekumpul Waterfall

None of the photos below are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

1.  The Waterfall Record is one of the best single person guides that I have found on the internet.  He is from and currently lives in Michigan.  I spent 10 years of my life living in Michigan but rather embarrassingly I didn’t visit one waterfall while I was there.  The concentration of his waterfalls are in the US but he has taken many great trips all over the world including one of the places at the top of my travel list.

New Zealand has been one of the top places on my wish list for years and this was one of many awesome waterfalls that he visited.  Bridal Veil Falls on the North Island is only one of the impressive waterfalls in New Zealand.

Click to view his waterfall guide

2.  Iceland is another country that is at the top of my travel list.  I have been continuously stunned by the images and waterfalls from this country and so many bloggers that I follow have recently taken trips there.  I would love to go but I am limited to taking several one week trips each year and it is too far from Taiwan and there is too much to see just to take a one week trip.  Justin (Justin Goes Places) is an elementary math and science teacher in Texas and he has started taking full advantage of his winter and summer breaks to travel all over the world.  Iceland is overflowing with great waterfalls and Seljalandsfoss is just one of many great ones.

Click to view this blog at his site

3. Some of the waterfalls picked are next up on my personal travel list (Asian countries) while others are on a long term wish list.  Japan is one of the countries on top of my travel list with a well publicized top 100 list.  Kegon Falls is considered to be one of Japan’s three most beautiful waterfalls and it is relatively easy to get to from Tokyo.  Celia (Celia in Tokyo) is an Australian expat teaching English in Tokyo.  She blogs about an interesting mixture of city, food, culture and nature in Japan.

Click to view this blog at her site

4. Several years ago before moving to Taiwan I toured the American Southwest hiking and camping through all of the National Parks.  I had very little information at the time beyond a road atlas and only went to the most popular areas.   One afternoon I was driving across Utah and randomly picked a campsite from the road atlas.  It was a little early to camp that day but I didn’t really have a schedule.  At the campground I was surprised to find this hiking trail and this remains one of my favorite waterfalls.

I wish I would have been following a blog like Andrew’s ( on these trips because I would have found so many more cool places in the American Southwest.  He has done an outstanding job writing up detailed directions and trip reports for so many places in Utah and the surrounding states.  Recently he moved to the east coast and his blogs changed from hues of orange and red to lush green but they are still outstanding.

Click to view this blog on his site

5. This year for Chinese New Year I am planning to travel to Sumatra (90% sure).  This will be my second trip to Indonesia and one of the highlights of the trip will be visiting Sipisopiso Waterfall.  Happy (that is her name) is an Indonesian blogger from Jakarta that has been able to travel to many places in Indonesia and abroad.  Follow her blog at

Click to view this blog on her site

6. Jonny is a professional travel blogger ( from Northern Ireland that has been traveling the world for over a decade.  Recently he visited his 100th country and he isn’t slowing down.  Not only does he have all kinds of great travel content but he has some great articles on how to become a better blogger.

This is Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.  It is supposed to be the tallest single drop waterfall in the world at 226 meters.  There are several lookout points and Jonny also has photos of himself standing right at the edge next to the falls.  It is very impressive.

Click to view this blog on his site

7.  Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls is one of the iconic Pacific Crest Trail (2660 miles long) places.  I didn’t complete the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007 when I hiked it so I just missed this but PCT will always be a special place for me.  Sirena ( is an avid hiker and backpacker living in Tucson, Arizona.

Earlier this year she was a presenter at an International Trails Symposium in Portland for her work with Warrior Hike.  Warrior Hike is an program that gives assistance to veterans allowing them to thru hike as a means of therapy after their deployment.  After the symposium Sirena did a multi-day trip back to Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls and several other waterfalls.

Click to view this blog on her site

8.  World of Waterfalls is another great waterfall guide that has a really impressive list of waterfalls visited.  They are a married couple with a child that have visited hundreds (possibly >1000) of waterfalls all over the world including most of the famous ones.  As a matter of fact I think they have visited all but three of waterfalls listed in this blog (Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls (Oregon, USA), Sipisopiso Waterfall (Sumatra, Indonesia) and Gasadalur Waterfall (Faroe Islands)).  Their site is really impressive if you love waterfalls and you should check it out.

Click to view their waterfall guide

9.  The Faroe Islands are a small group of self-governed islands in between Norway, England and Iceland (population 50,000).  Due to the surrounding ocean the islands are never warm (average summer high = 13C (55F)) and never very cold (average winter low = 1C (34F)) despite being so far north (62 deg north).  But the islands are always wet.  This creates the dramatic landscape that is shown in the photo.

Amanda is a Swedish blogger who is taking dramatic photos all over Europe on small trips.  Follow her blog at

Click to view this blog on her site

10. Snail-WORKS is a great site focused on Malaysia’s waterfalls.  She has visited waterfalls all over Malaysia and a few neighboring countries (nearly 200 overall).  Recently she even traveled to Taiwan and used my site to visit a couple of waterfalls.  Hopefully I will be using her site sometime to visit some great waterfalls in Malaysia sometime.  This is Puteri Mandi Waterfall that requires an overnight camping trip (or a long dayhike).  Sounds perfect.

Click to view her waterfall guide

This is one really cool graphic that Snail-WORKS uses on the site.  This would be one big improvement that I could do on my site but it requires more time to put together the guide and I already don’t have enough for everything that I want to do.

  • A = the trekking difficulty.  This one is a pretty hard hike.
  • B = the trekking time.
  • C = the leech factor.  Ick.
  • D = vehicle accessibility.
  • E = WOW factor.

Does anyone know of any great waterfall or travel bloggers that I should check out?  Do you have any suggestions for improvements to my waterfall guide?


Great blogs and places to dream about – AU/NZ edition

This was a fun and wildly succesful topic the first time so I am going to try to do this every 1-2 months.  I didn’t plan on picking Australia/New Zealand as my next theme but I have dreamed about New Zealand for a long time and I started following a couple of Tasmanian blogs this year.  The rest of Australia provided more than enough great places to make me wish I had multiple years of travel time to spend there.

Previous blogs

Great blogs and places to dream about – Asia edition

I don’t have any particular criteria when selecting blogs to feature.  Of course a featured blog will be incredibly scenic and probably involve some hiking.  It will be setup as a photoblog although it isn’t necessary to be an aspiring professional photographer with the latest full frame dSLR.  I tend to prefer great descriptions of places but not long blocks of text while reading blogs.  I like all great bloggers but for this project I like bloggers with smaller audiences and especially those that have recently started in the last year or two.  Perhaps the most important part is that I like to feel that the blogger really loves traveling and blogging.

None of these photos are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

1. Allison and Don are not what you might think of as a typical travel blogger but I think they are part of a growing trend.  5 years ago they began their retirement by selling all of their stuff and traveling the world.  That is awesome.  They recently completed another great trip to Australia and New Zealand.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s best scenic drives and it is a very popular place with bloggers in Australia.  It is a 243 kilometer stretch west of Melbourne with a section named Shipwreck Coast.  In their blog they told a very interesting story of one of the 800 shipwrecks that have occurred since 1797.  Follow their blog at


View this blog at their site

2.  Sharon is spending a year on the Apple Isle and has appropriately named her blog that.  Tasmania became known as the Apple Isle in the 1800’s when their orchards started exporting apples Australia and other parts of the world.  Tasmania has recently started turning those apples into cider which is a little bonus for travelers.

Sharon is putting together an excellent guide to the hikes and parks in Tasmania.  She has already hiked many of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks and she is one of biggest reasons that I want to visit Tasmania for several months someday.  Follow her blog at

View this blog at her site

3.  Brian is an Irishman living in New Zealand and traveling in southeast Asia.  This photo is from his Rob Roy Glacier hike showing the big spaces of Mt Aspiring National Park.  Follow his blog at

View this blog at his site

 4.  Elle is a new travel blogger that is from Minnesota like myself.  She is basing herself in Australia for the year but is currently in Indonesia.  I actually leave for Bali in two days (June 2015).  Uluru (Ayers Rock) is perhaps the 2nd most famous place in Australia after the Great Barrier Reef.  Elle joined a tour that visited several other places in the outback.  Follow her blog at

View this blog at her site

5.  Amateur ornithologists might recognize the name of her blog (colibri = a type of hummingbird).  Laia is Spanish but she has been living abroad for over 10 years.  After living in two places for that decade she has decided to travel the entire world.  I first started following her blog while she was in Southeast Asia but now she is in Chile.  In between she stopped in Australia and visited the Blue Mountains.  The Blue Mountains are located near Sydney and there is a stunning waterfall (my thing) to visit.  Follow her blog at

View this blog at her site

6. Fausto and Caitlin are a fascinating couple living in New York, working full-time jobs and finding time to travel.  They only started blogging 2 years ago but they have been traveling much longer than that and have been to many places that I dream about.  Last winter they went to Australia and visited the famous Bondi Beach.  The photo below is on a coastal walk that connects several different beaches to each other.  In addition to writing outstanding travel blogs Caitlin (the blogger half) has written some amazing personal stories such as her battle with breast cancer two years ago (link).  Follow their blog at or FB page.

View this blog at their site

7. Cameron in many ways is the most comparable blogger to myself that I have featured.  He focuses his time in southeast Queensland (that is in Australia) while most of my hiking is in Taiwan.  He takes outstanding photos and includes extremely well written trip reports with his blogs.  Perhaps the best thing about his blog and where I can improve the most is the layout and organization.  His blog looks really nice and it is easy to navigate.  Although he mostly travels in Queensland I loved his recent post about Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.  This trip was awesome enough that I’m sharing two photos.  Follow his blog at or on FB.

Cradle Mountain

No, I don’t want to go up there.

View this full blog at his site

8. Lisa traveled in Australia for two years and just recently she started blogging about all of the places she went during those two years.  Eastern Australia is an often forgotten part but Lisa showed beautiful beaches and amazing forests in this post.  Follow her blog at

View this post at her site

9.  Jenn has chosen a creative name for her blog (the Wizardess of Oz).  It was difficult to pick one post on her blog to feature.  I could have picked a wine tasting blog, kayaking Abel Tasman, glacier walking or any of the other great places that she has been.  In the end I loved this photo.  The Whitsundays are a beautiful set of islands in northern Australia near the Great Barrier Reef.  Follow her blog at or on FB.

View this post at her site

10.  This Thursday’s Child is in the midst of an epic round the world trip.  One thing that I have noticed with round the world trips is that there is a rushed aspect to them because they are trying to experience so many countries in a limited amount of time.  This is necessary in many cases and it is also a fairly standard aspect for me on my 1-2 week trips.  Time is limited.  This blog is different and they spend several months in each region.  They have about a dozen outstanding blogs in New Zealand and I also loved this top 10 list from South America.   They are headed to Australia next and then onto SE Asia.  Follow their blog at

View this blog post at their site

Great blogs and places to dream about – Asia edition

Not everybody is able to travel all of the time.  It may seem like I travel all of the time but I am lucky to take 1-2 weekend trips per month and 1-2 weeklong trips/year.  That’s great but I daydream about going everywhere.  The best way to daydream is to read blogs and I read a lot of blogs to see new places even if I’m not able to go there in the next couple of years.  But these blogs help me decide where I want to go next and most importantly they introduce me to off the beaten path places that don’t always show up in guidebook recommended lists.

My latest blog from Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan.  I have been very busy lately with trips to Dadi Gorge, discovering the Liuyi Trail and hiking on (but not to the top) Beidawushan.  All of these will be blogged in the next couple of weeks but first I am headed out onto another hike this weekend.  I have been busy lately but I think I will take a break in May.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs that I have been reading recently.  I’m hoping that this becomes a recurring blog topic every month or two but it is a fairly time consuming post (a lot of fun though).  The first theme is Asia (but not Taiwan – yet).  I have selected a pair of blogs from China and Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and South Korea.  Some of the bloggers are new to blogging while some have been doing it for a long time.  Some are living out of a backpack traveling the world while others take several big trips every year.  Some bloggers are very popular while others are relatively unknown.  All of the blogs are at wordpress because I use their reader for following and staying up on blogs.  I should read more blogs but there are 1000’s of great blogs at wordpress and I can’t read all that I want to there.

None of these photos are mine.  I contacted each blogger prior to blogging for permission to use a photo and link to their blog.  I encourage you to visit their sites to see more of their great work.

1. Lee has a lot of great stuff at his blog but I really loved this post on Sri Lankan stilt fisherman.  He is based in Singapore and he is taking advantage of one of the major airline hubs in East Asia.  It was very difficult to pick one post from him but this was really cool and not something that I expected.  It’s a good idea to check his website if you are going anywhere (especially Asia) for trip ideas.  Visit his blog at

View this blog at his site

2. Alison has been busy traveling to many places all over the world including many places that are on my short list.  Last spring she took a cruise from Lombok to Flores in Indonesia.  Lombok is an up and coming tourist destination next to Bali but they are just two of 17,000 islands in Indonesia.  She also stopped at Komodo island and saw the famous Komodo Dragons.  I won’t be doing the cruise in this blog post when I go to Bali in June but I will be using her blog for ideas when I travel there.  And this cruise is being put on my list of future things to do.  You can follow her blog at

View this post on her blog

3. This was one of my favorite Filipino blogs and then she blogged this.  She is ziplining above 7 waterfalls.  That is extraordinarily awesome.  I am not sure when I will have a chance to return to the Philippines but it’s pretty close to the top of my list since it’s so close to Taiwan and the tickets are cheap.  Actually tickets are cheap everywhere right now.  Very hard choices.  Follow her at or on facebook

View this post on her site

4. Pete is based in Hong Kong and he has been able to take many short trips all over Asia and especially China.  He is currently (April 2015) exploring the temples at Bagan in Myanmar but I loved this post about The Great Wall.  The Great Wall is very touristy in areas now but he shows that it is not difficult to find less visited but still stunningly beautiful sections of The Great Wall.  Follow Pete at

View this post on his site

5.  Sara has put together a great guide to many of South Korea’s best outdoor spots from her 2 month long trip last fall.  She has also spent a couple of years in Taiwan teaching English which is cool since that is where I currently live.  There are certainly a lot of places that she didn’t visit but this site should give tourist visiting South Korea a lot of great places to visit.  Access the full guide at

View this post on her site

6.  Nick and Jackie are blogging their 203 day round the world trip.  In January they began their trip in southeast Asia, spent 2 weeks in India and have just arrived in South Africa.  It’s hard to believe how much they have done in such a little amount of time.  I loved this post from a remote region in India.  The colors of the sandstone buildings are amazing and something so unique for myself after growing up in the US midwest and living in Taiwan for 5 years.  Follow Nick and Jackie at

View this post on their site

7.  Snigdha is an Indian blogger with a full time job that manages to get away for some great trips every year.  In October she went to one of my top destinations on my Asia wishlist.  Yunnan (and also Sichuan) province seems like such an incredible place that one week doesn’t seem long enough.  I don’t now when I am going to find 2-4 weeks free that coincides with the best travel season.  She spent time exploring the 3rd longest river in the world and saw the famous gorges.  Follow her blog at

View this post on her site

8. Mandy has lived in Japan for 6 years and does travel consulting to assist overseas travelers (  Not only that but her website provides an amazing wealth of information.  I do not like monkeys at all but these snow monkeys look pretty cool soaking in the hot springs.  There’s a chance I can take a weeklong trip to Japan this fall and I will be using this website a lot if that happens.  Follow her blog at

View this post on her site

9.  Bama is an Indonesian blogger that got the travel itch 5 years ago and set a goal to visit 30 countries by 2020.  He is well on his way there and he is an excellent photographer.  Kelimutu (pictured) is a pair of lakes barely separated but one is pitch black while the other is a lovely turquoise.  There is also a third colored lake nearby and all 3 of the lakes change colors but they never seem to be the same color.  This is also on the island of Flores, Indonesia which is where Alison (#2) took her cruise to.  Follow his blog at

View this post on his site

10.  Kollin recently finished teaching in Taiwan and is currently traveling around southeast Asia.  She has been traveling and living abroad for 4 years and scored big points with rappelling down a waterfall.  It was just one of her top ten things to do in Gopeng, Malaysia.  Follow the rest of her adventure on her blog at and see where she ends up next.

View this post on her site

What are some other great blogs in Asia?  What are some other great places in Asia (mostly East Asia)?  What theme should I pick next?  I have started collecting links for the following themes:  thru-hikers, Australia/NZ, bicycle bloggers and Taiwan.

More importantly what blogging techniques that you see in these excellent blogs and other blogs should I start using in my own blog.  In the last 6 months I have started blogging more and I have done some small improvements.  I am fairly happy with my individual blogs but the layout of the site still needs a lot of work.  Any suggestions?

If you are featured in this blog and wish to make any corrections or have any questions then please contact me at my FB group Taiwan’s Waterfalls