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Instead of trying to list (and constantly update) all of the blogs that I have written in the last 5 years I will link to 20-30 of the places/blogs.  This will also be a rotating list so don’t view it as a top 20 list.  In addition to the below links you can also access places from my waterfall guide on the map above.  I started adding hikes to it last year and at some point I want to put all of my old blogs on the map.

Hiking Bali’s Waterfalls

Hiking North Sumatra’s Waterfalls

Taiwan’s Secret Places – Shimenggu

Qufengbi Coastal Trail, Jialeshui, Taiwan

Even deeper reaches of Hsinchu, Jianxibao, Taiwan

Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail, Taiwan

Jiuhaocha Aboriginal Village, Taiwan

Hehuanshan, Taiwan

Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

Wang Ye Boat Burning Festival, Donggang, Taiwan

Beidawushan, Taiwan

Nenggao Trail and Cilai South Peak, Taiwan

With Taiwan Adventures

Yuemeikang Waterfall, Linmei Shipan and Wufengqi Waterfall

11 Replies to “Best of Blog”

  1. Hello Nishita! I enjoyed reading your blog a lot. I’m from Spain and I’m staying in Taipei two more weeks, for work. It’d be cool to meet up and take some photos together. I’m also very interested in photography! Leaving my e-mail below. Keep up the nice blogging! /Alo

    1. Hello,
      I live in Kaohsiung but I’ll be in Taipei tomorrow for a few days to do some hiking. I’ll be hiking somewhere on Monday/Tuesday if you are interested.

  2. Sorry, I read too quickly and saw sth like: “by Nishita”. Nishita is only the theme of the blog :-p
    Anyways, it would be nice to catch up. I’ve been to some of the places where you are planning to go in the future… Stay well! /Alo

  3. Hi, I’m currently living in Kaohsiung and would love if you would let me in on where the ‘secret beach’ is. I will entertain myself by romping around the seaside of kaohsiung for a while this weekend in search of the beautiful spot! xie xie!

    1. The secret beach is part of Jhongshan University. If you go past the pay university beach you’ll pass over the road going to the beach. Take 3 rights and you should be on that road. follow it to the end you’ll get to some unused buildings. There will be a few gaps in the fence that you can through.

  4. I came across your blog when I was looking for more information about Taiji Canyon. Your blog has been a fantastic resource for waterfalls in Taiwan.

    I’m going to be in Taipei on the 22nd for 5 days and am I looking to do some hiking & photography (looking for foggy areas and waterfalls). Would you be up for doing a day hike together? Happy to meet around Tapei or somewhere in the middle. All the best, Teresa

    1. I unfortunately live in Kaohsiung and I have to work the 22nd, 23rd and 25th. I’ll probably stay in Kaohsiung on Sunday and go to Lantern Festival (final day). It would have been fun to meet for a dayhike though. My advice for hiking would be to go somewhere south of Taizhong or Hualien because of the winter weather in the north (cool and rainy). If you have any other questions you can email me directly. I’ve tried to go everywhere but I still have a long list of places left.

      I have a 2nd website that has an actual waterfall guide with directions but someday the two sites will merge.

      1. Thanks for the advice and the waterfalls map. Are you free on the 26th? Would you consider acting as a guide and partial driver Lover’s Gorge waterfall from Kaohsiung? My email details are below.

        1. I also work on the 26th and 27th.

          If you want to see waterfalls then it might be best to tour the east side of the island. The east side had several hard rains in January but none of the rain made it over the mountains. I’m concerned that the some of the waterfalls on the west side of the mountains are going to be a trickle by now. There are a couple big ones that should be fine but the east coast is my favorite place in Taiwan anyway. There are 5 places that I can think of that are relatively accessible by public transit and are outstanding areas to hike. Wuling Farm (Taoshan Waterfall), Taroko Gorge (Baiyang Waterfall), Fuyuan butterfly valley, the Walami Trail (Shanfong Waterfall) and Jhiben Forest Rec Area. I actually haven’t been to the first two yet because they are too far away for a 2 day weekend but they are at the very top of my to-do list. The last 3 will probably require you to take the train to the nearest town and then a taxi but they were pretty awesome when I went.

          Kirk –

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